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Power tools from Harbor Freight Ad West Virginia: household or professional? Power tools of various brands can be divided into household, semi-professional and professional according to the totality of consumer properties. And here it is important to understand that household, it does not mean bad, but professional – good. Each of them is good for solving its specific tasks and is bad when used for other purposes.

Household (amateur) power tools.

In the manufacture of an amateur instrument, all the efforts of the manufacturer are aimed at maximizing the cost of the product. In fact, such an electric tool is a simple electric motor that transmits rotation to a cartridge with a cutting tool fixed in it.

Harbor Freight Ad West Virginia
Harbor Freight Ad West Virginia

The case made of soft plastic does not provide a strong attachment of internal components. Engine parts without proper calibration lead to its rapid heating. The absence of electronics will not turn off the engine at high loads and will not add power to the torque at low speeds. Gears and bearings made of low-strength steel (and sometimes even made of hard plastic) they have uneven gaps and increased backlash at the joints. The cooling system is not protected from dust.

Nevertheless, such a tool will serve you faithfully for a long time when used for its intended purpose. And it is intended exclusively for home use from time to time, as an alternative to a hand tool. He does his work quickly and efficiently, slightly inferior to professional. However, its resource is minimal – with prolonged use, it quickly overheats, wears out and fails.

If you need to drill, cut or screw something several times a year, then this tool is just for you. And do not overpay for more wear-resistant models. However, if you plan to use it during construction or repair, it will not last you long. And even the service center will most likely recognize the case as non-warranty, because this power tool according to the passport is not intended for professional use.

The most common brands of household power tools are DWT, Watt, Matrix, Interskol, Defort, Einhell, Skil. At the same time, Skil, being an economy line of the Bosch concern, has the best characteristics of all of the above.
Semi-professional tool.

A semi-professional tool is already serious equipment with excellent performance and high reliability. Without a doubt, it will last for many years, even if you are going to do repairs on your own, have a hobby or a side job, performing minor repairs and construction.

In the production of such a tool, reliability is put at the forefront. The instrument is perfectly balanced. A carefully calibrated engine ensures stability and smooth running at different speeds without loss of power. The built-in synchronizers smoothly and accurately switch the rotation speeds of the cartridge.

The gearbox is securely enclosed in an all-metal housing, and its gears are made of high-strength steels with minimal gaps. The moving parts are treated with a lubricant of different chemical composition depending on the material of the assembly, its temperature characteristics and loads in friction pairs. All this is covered with a high-quality insulating varnish that provides resistance to abrasive wear from the sucked dust, and is enclosed in a hard case with soft pads under the palm of the user.

The brands that deserve special trust in the line of semi-professional tools in combination with the optimal price are Bosch (green), Makita and Hitachi. On the latter, however, it can be difficult to find spare parts.

A professional tool from Harbor Freight Ad West Virginia

The professional tool from Harbor Freight Ad West Virginia is designed for continuous continuous work with large equipment during an eight-hour work shift. In everyday conditions, you will not notice the difference between a semi-professional and a professional tool, but the price difference will be huge. Therefore, you should not buy yourself a professional power tool if you do not earn a living with it.

The most modern developments in mechanics and electronics are incorporated into the professional tool, aimed at exorbitant endurance, comfort and safety of the user. The safety clutch interrupts rotation when the drill is jammed. The temperature control of the windings and the torque limiting clutch provide a forced shutdown to avoid overheating. The pulse rotation mode concentrates the impact force of the cutting equipment.

The rotary brush holder guarantees the same torque during forward and reverse rotation. Indication of overload and the need for maintenance allow you to diagnose deviations from the normal operation of the power tool in time.

Every detail and its location inside the body of a professional power tool is carefully worked out at the design stage to achieve the most compact and convenient layout of the product without loss of power. All electronic chips are filled with a polymer composition for reliable fastening and protection from dust, moisture and overheating. The all-metal gearbox housing assembled without gaskets and sealants provides excellent heat dissipation and tightness.

Special attention is paid to the comfort of the user, because a professional tool is in his hands for the entire working shift. The hinged fastening of the cable prevents accidental rupture. The soft pad on the main and additional handles allow you to securely hold the tool even in an uncomfortable position.

Special rubber inserts between the body elements, as well as shock-absorbing handles, effectively dampen recoil and vibration when working with the tool from Harbor Freight Ad West Virginia.
Bosch (blue), Makita, DeWalt (the most popular tool in North America), Milwaukee, AEG have earned the greatest popularity in the field of professional power tools.

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