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Choosing power tools for home from Harbor Freight Ad Washington. It is unthinkable to carry out any repair without a tool, but only brushes, a hammer, a hacksaw can not be attributed here, the presence of an electric tool is always required, without which it is impossible to do absolutely nothing lately. But, often when choosing a power tool, the question arises – how to choose and what to choose, of course, I want to buy something durable, beautiful, and that it should be inexpensive.

Harbor Freight Ad Washington
Harbor Freight Ad Washington

Types of power tools Harbor Freight Ad Washington

To begin with, it’s worth figuring out what type of power tools there are. There is nothing complicated in this, modern manufacturers have only two types of electric tools:

  • Professional
  • Household

Each type of instrument has its own separate manufacturers specializing exclusively in one group, but there are also companies that produce tools, both professional and household.

Manufacturers of Professional Power Tools:

Bosch (differ in blue coloring), Makita, Metabo, DeWalt, Kress, Hitachi, Stihl.
Manufacturers of Household Power Tools:
Bosch (differ in green coloring), Einhell, Eagle, Ferm, Black & Decker, Sparky, Skil, Domotec.

Which is better for the home: professional or household?

Just holding a professional tool in your hands is a pleasure, and what can we say about working with it, you can drill holes in the wall all day or polish the surface of the walls or perform any other work without long breaks.

A professional power tool has its disadvantages, diseases, but still, its design and structure are thought out in such a way that it is simple, easy and convenient to work with it, and its service life is much higher than that of a household one.
Household tools are arranged somewhat differently, due to their low cost, they have much lower characteristics of strength, convenience and weight, and what can we say about permissible loads and other performance indicators, which with Prof. the tool is simply unacceptable to compare.

Definitely, for the house it is worth choosing the tool with which it will be more convenient and easier for you to work, but the situation is somewhat twofold, since the family budget comes into force here and if it does not allow you to buy a professional power tool, then it should be abandoned for the time being.

The power system – where to stop?

The power supply system is one of the important characteristics in choosing any power tool and, oddly enough, it is divided into two types:

  • Rechargeable.
  • Electric.

The first power system should be discarded as soon as it catches your eye. Remember – the battery will not allow you to make repairs for a long time, a couple of screws screwed into a thick concrete wall will completely waste the charge of both batteries.
important: Batteries not only sit down quickly, but also require constant maintenance, recharging and timely replacement. Please note that the purchase of a set of new batteries is approximately equal to the purchase price of a new power tool.

The electrical power system is the best option for any power tool. You do not have to constantly monitor the battery level, you do not need to change them and generally spend time on it, you can work as long as you need, since the power transmitted via an electric wire is inexhaustible.
However, when choosing a power tool, think logically about what you are going to build or repair, if the work will take place only inside the house, then you can do with a simple tool powered by the mains, and if you constantly carry the tool with you to the garage or somewhere else, then you should also buy a battery-powered copy.

What kind of power tool might you need at home?

At home, various kinds of household problems may arise, which can be solved with only five types of power tools from Harbor Freight Ad Washington:

  • A puncher.
  • Jigsaw.
  • Drill.
  • A screwdriver.
  • UHM

Let’s get to know them better.

A hammer drill is a tool that combines a drill and a jackhammer, used for making holes in thick materials, for example, for drilling holes in a concrete wall. An electric jigsaw is a tool used for cutting holes or sawing various kinds of materials, for example, plywood, chipboard, metal, plastic and others.

A screwdriver is a tool that performs the role of an electrically driven screwdriver, with its help you can quickly and efficiently screw small screws or self-tapping screws into concrete, wood or any other surface. A drill is a tool necessary for drilling holes of various diameters in various surfaces, for example, holes for dowel nails. The grinder is a tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently cut any materials, from metal to concrete. It can also be used as a grinding machine.

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