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A power tool for an electrician from Harbor Freight Ad Virginia.There is a difference between an electrician and an electrician. However, within the scope of work in residential premises (apartments and houses), this fine line can be omitted. An electrician, like an electrician, performs all the work on the preparation, laying and installation of electrical wiring and electrical installation products. For these purposes, the following power tool for an electrician is used.

A special electric tool for cutting grooves (furrows) for electrical wiring on concrete, stone, brick, block walls.
The stroborez is distinguished by the presence of two disks located at a distance from each other, for cutting a smooth furrow.

Harbor Freight Ad Virginia
Harbor Freight Ad Virginia

For the installation of hidden wiring, as well as the passage of walls for laying wires and cables, you can not do without a puncher.
Having two or three modes of operation, drilling, chiseling and drilling with impact, it can be used both to drill any concrete wall and to hollow out a stone from furrows made by a stroborez.
The peculiarity of the perforators is not only in size and in relatively heavy weight. All punchers have a special SDS cartridge without a key for fixing drills (drills), blades and peaks.

The drill is simple

It is not always necessary to do hidden wiring. For simpler work on open installation in boxes or baseboards, the power tool for an electrician can be limited to a simple or impact drill.
There are shock and shockless electric drills. Cartridges for fixing drills, in such drills, can be key or inertial (quick-release, tightened by hand).

Power tools for wood

When carrying out electrical work in a wooden house, you will need a “wooden” power tool for an electrician. These include:

  • An electric jigsaw;
  • Less often, a circular saw.
  • It does not hurt to have an electric jigsaw when installing electrics in the kitchen.

Another power tool from Harbor Freight Ad Virginia

It will not hurt to perform electrical work with such tools:

  • Laser level, for the installation of sockets;
  • Welding machine for complex work;
  • Metal detector to search for hidden wiring;
  • Angle grinder (cutting “grinder”).


The necessary power tools from Harbor Freight Ad Virginia for an electrician not only help to perform electrical work, but in some cases, it is simply impossible to perform this work without a tool. For example, hidden wiring in a stone house or apartment.

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