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There are the following types of tools in Harbor Freight Ad Vermont:

  • construction;
  • locksmith;
  • carpentry.

Most of the tools used in measuring operations are universal. Therefore, this classification is very conditional.
According to the material of manufacture. Measuring instruments can be made of the following materials:

  • metal;
  • wood;
  • plastic.

Any tool can be combined, that is, made of several materials, for example, metal and wood.
According to the method of use . According to this parameter, there are manual tools, mechanical and automatic.
By design features . The design of the instrument used for measuring work can be simple or complex.
This classification helps to ensure proper operation and storage of the instrument.

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Application of measuring machines

To make accurate measurements, not only manual measuring instruments can be used, but also special machines called coordinate measuring equipment. The peculiarity of this equipment is the possibility of making measurements in three coordinates, which ensures maximum accuracy of calculations.

The design of the machines resembles a table on which working heads equipped with sensors are installed. To make a control measurement, the workpiece is placed on a table, and the sensors read the parameters of the part.
Machines can capture data in two ways:

  • contact,
  • involving the use of a probe sensor;
  • non-contact,
  • in which the reading occurs by directing a light signal to the surface of the part.

Manual construction tools

Roulette. The main tool that no builder can do without is a roulette. Roulette is a kind of ruler made in the form of a metal tape with divisions equal to 1 mm. The tape is wound into a housing, which can be made of either plastic or metal. The tape can have different widths and lengths.

Of course, the tape measure is universal, required for measuring work in any field of activity.
Waterpass (level) . With the help of this device, the flatness of the horizontal and vertical surfaces is determined. The length of the level can vary from 0.3 m to 2.5 m. The body of the level is made of any light material, for example, plastic, and is equipped with several windows.

A glass tube partially filled with a special liquid is visible through the windows. It is this liquid that allows you to determine the evenness and level of the slope of the surface.
Plumb line . This is the simplest, but irreplaceable measuring tool that every builder uses. The plumb line represents a rope (twine), at the end of which a metal cone-shaped weight is tied. It is used in cases where it is necessary to control the verticality of work, for example, when bricklaying.

The square and the malka . The square is made of wood or metal and is used to derive right angles. Malka is made of the same materials. Its design consists of a clip and a ruler, fastened together by a hinge. If the square can be used in any field of construction, malka is most often used when installing rafters.

Manual locksmith tools

Locksmith tools are most often used in the field of metalworking and mechanical engineering and are considered the most accurate. With its help, it is possible to calculate the maximum and minimum dimensions with an accuracy of 0.1 mm to 0.005 mm.
In addition to the universal ruler and tape measure, the locksmith has to use the following devices:
caliper; shtangenreysmass; micrometer.
Caliper . This hand tool consists of a bar with divisions and a moving frame. The caliper is also equipped with upper and lower jaws. The upper sponges allow you to measure the inner parts of the workpieces, and the lower ones – the outer ones.
Stangenreismass. This device differs from a caliper by the presence of a support. Shtangenreysmass allows you to mark the height and depth of the holes on the parts, as well as the location of other elements.
Micrometer . The design of this device consists of a tube with a scale, a sleeve and a tip. A micrometer is used if it is required to calculate the value with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. The depth of the holes in the parts is measured by a micrometer depth gauge – a kind of micrometer.
Hand carpentry tools.
In addition to universal instruments, carpentry workshops use specialized carpentry measuring tools. Each carpenter uses the following:
a folding meter; a triangle with angles of 90, 60, 30° or 2 to 45°; a caliper that allows marking on wooden structural elements; a nutrometer is a device for marking and measuring the parameters of grooves and holes; a goniometer is a device consisting of a scale and an arc mounted on a plate; a gauge with or without a vernier helps to apply parallel lines on the surface.

Operating conditions of the equipment

To preserve the functionality of the devices allows periodic maintenance and inspections of their condition. Measuring instruments from Harbor Freight Ad Vermont with complex design features are most susceptible to breakdowns.

Each device is accompanied by an instruction manual, which must be read before using. The instructions set out all the rules of operation relevant specifically for this model.

Automatic and electronic models of measuring machines are sensitive to temperature and humidity indicators. Equipment that uses a non-contact measurement method reacts particularly acutely to them.

It is equally important to provide the tool with decent storage conditions. Tools from Harbor Freight Ad Vermont made of wood and metal are sensitive to moisture. And plastic is able to deform under direct sunlight and when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, all tools should be stored in cases or boxes in a dry room.

Compliance with these rules will ensure the quality and accuracy of measurements, as well as help extend the service life of tools.

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