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A set of tools for the home from Harbor Freight Ad Utah: the necessary minimum.
A real home craftsman cannot do without a tool – certain devices are necessary to perform any homework. Even the same nail with bare hands is quite problematic to pull out, if not to say that it is impossible. And what can I say if the house is being renovated in full swing – at least a minimum set of tools in the house is simply obliged to be. It will be discussed in Harbor Freight Ad Utah: in it we will study the minimum set of tools for the house, without which no owner can do.

A set of tools for the home from Harbor Freight Ad Utah: the necessary minimum

To begin with, you should understand such a concept as the versatility of the tool. To make it more clear, I will give one simple example – there is a device for pulling out nails called a nailer. You can buy it separately or buy a hammer with a claw hammer instead. From the same side, you can look at pliers with wire cutters – they are sold both separately and in a combined version.

In the professional sphere, such a combination is not very welcome, but for the household, these tools turn out to be indispensable. It is from such devices that a universal set of tools designed for home use consists. So what exactly is included in such a set?

Harbor Freight Ad Utah
Harbor Freight Ad Utah

A hammer. It’s not worth telling a lot about its purpose and scope, since this tool has been familiar to all men since childhood – it can build something and break it with equal success. I will say only two things about it – firstly, it is better to get two similar tools (one small for fine work and one large) and, secondly, it is better to buy a hammer with a nail hammer.

Screwdrivers. There are a great many of them, but in the household, as a rule, only four varieties are used: two types of flat screwdrivers (with a wide end and a narrow one) and cross screwdrivers (by analogy with flat screwdrivers, you can buy a large and small cross). It is also not superfluous to get an indicator screwdriver to check the voltage in the household wiring.

Pliers and wire cutters. These tools will be needed in order to align something, bend, hold, bite off – their scope of application in the household is great. I’ll tell you a secret that some people even crack walnuts with their help. But that’s not the point – how to use them at home, you’ll figure it out for yourself. I want to say only one thing – as a rule, it is enough to purchase one universal pliers equipped with wire cutters. Hacksaw blades. Where without them? To fix the same wooden shelf on the wall, it becomes necessary to cut off a small bar or shorten the shelf itself.

Manual hacksaws have not been very popular lately, but, nevertheless, they are a worthy competitor to an electric jigsaw or a grinder. It is better to get two types of hacksaws – wood and metal. For residents of the private sector, an indispensable assistant will be a garden hacksaw with a curved blade – it is very convenient to take care of trees with its help. A set of wrenches. Here, in my opinion, there is nothing to comment on – almost all modern connections are made either with the help of screws, or by means of a screw and nut.

Even for the installation of a kitchen mixer, a screw-nut mount is used. Axe. According to popular beliefs, this tool should be located directly near the front door. Its purpose is twofold – with the help of an axe, you can chop firewood, and in case of anything, turn away unwanted guests. I’m joking, of course, but, as they say, there is some truth in every joke. The axe is generally considered a universal tool – it can be used as a hammer, chisel and, if properly sharpened, then as a shaving tool. Roulette.

Almost all types of work can not do without measurements – in order to purchase and install, for example, a bedside table, first you need to determine its size. In repair and construction, such a pocket ruler is generally irreplaceable, and you have to use it constantly.

Also, if we talk about a set of hand tools for the house, it would not be superfluous to mention the level, a construction knife and other similar trifles, which, although they seem at first glance useless things in the household, there still comes a time when you simply can’t do without them. In general, a set of household tools is a lucrative business, and the real owner is constantly replenishing and expanding it.

Power tools for home: modern technology makes work easier

If the owner of the house or apartment does not have an elementary drill, it is sad, and only says that he has absolutely no desire to do anything with his own hands.

A modern power tool greatly simplifies and facilitates the work of a home craftsman. Let it cost a lot of money, but a standard pair (grinder and drill) is quite capable of replacing most of the manual construction tools. Judge for yourself what these tools are capable of.

Drill. As practice shows, it can be used not only to drill holes in various materials. By purchasing special attachments for this tool, it becomes possible to use it instead of various screwdrivers, as well as instead of stripping and grinding equipment. With its help, it is easy to mix various building mixes and even screw nuts. Bulgarian. This tool can cut anything, clean, grind, polish and even sharpen.

The only thing this pair of tools can’t do is hammer nails. Although, who knows, if you replace the fasteners with a self-tapping screw, then the problem did not happen.

How to choose a set of tools for the home: a few tips

There are two ways to assemble home tools – in the first case, purchase each necessary tool separately, and in the second case, purchase it in sets. You probably know that it is always cheaper to buy in bulk, and the tool is no exception in this regard. The only thing «but » in the wholesale purchase of a tool is the need to spend a large amount of money at once. Buying it individually, you spend less money at a time, but in the end it costs more.

The optimal solution is still to purchase the entire tool at once. If we talk about a serious arsenal, then you will need to buy only two suitcases and a box.

Suitcase No. 1 is a universal set of hand tools for the home. As a rule, such a suitcase contains the necessary minimum, consisting of a pair of pliers, a hammer, a set of wrenches, a tape measure, screwdrivers, possibly a pair of files and other small devices. Suitcase No. 2 is a set of household power tools. Its contents can vary from two to three items. As a rule, this is a drill, a grinder and an electric jigsaw. Variations of this tool can be different. Plastic box. In most cases, it is sold empty, but may contain a minimal set of hand tools for the home. The purpose of this box is to store all kinds of auxiliary tools, fasteners and other household junk that may come in handy sometime.

There is another option to purchase a universal set of tools in a suitcase, or rather in a drawer. Often manufacturers combine a plastic box with a suitcase for storing hand tools. In this case, the lid of the drawer is used for tool storage, and the suitcase itself is divided into many compartments where fasteners and additional tool attachments are stored.
And finally, I’ll give you a couple of tips that will help you choose a really good set of tools for your home. Firstly, do not chase cheapness – remember that free cheese only happens in a mousetrap.

A good tool from Harbor Freight Ad Utah cannot be cheap – having saved, you risk being left without tools after a year. And, secondly, ask the seller what the tool kit you like is made of – it is better not to take silumin, it bursts and disintegrates even with small loads.

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