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Diamond tools from Harbor Freight Ad South Carolina – types and purposes. Diamond tools from Harbor Freight Ad South Carolina are a popular type of abrasive equipment. They are effective when working with hard and brittle materials, are able to ensure accuracy and good processing speed. The fields of application of diamond tools are road repair and construction works, repair and construction of civil and industrial facilities, home workshops, automobile, ship, instrument making and other industrial sectors.

Harbor Freight Ad South Carolina
Harbor Freight Ad South Carolina

Design features.

The composition of diamond tools from Harbor Freight Ad South Carolina includes a base and a diamond-containing layer, for which the following types of binders are used on the working surface:
Organic. They are usually applied to equipment intended for finishing work.

Organic components ensure reliable fixation of the grains of the abrasive layer, they are slightly heated during operations.


They provide good retention of abrasive particles, but they get very hot when working. Ceramic.

Tools with ceramic binding components are effective for finishing surfaces of viscous materials.

The diamond-containing layer with large grains is used for roughing and other rough work, with fine grain for finishing operations, for example, surface polishing.

Advantages of using.

High wear resistance, long service life. The ability to get accurate dimensions. The ability to perform high-speed operations. Reduced noise level.

Types of diamond tools and their main characteristics.

To perform various types of work, manufacturers offer the following types of diamond-coated consumables:
Drills . They are used for drilling and re-drilling holes in hard and brittle materials at a depth of up to 300 mm. The use of special extensions allows you to increase the drilling depth up to 500 mm. A diamond-containing layer is applied to large-diameter drills by electroplating. Crowns. The purpose of this type of diamond tool is to make recesses in concrete walls for sockets, switches.

  • Cutting discs . They have wide fields of application – performance of repair and construction road works, dismantling of large building structures, cutting of finishing materials. Discs with a diamond-containing layer can have a universal or highly specialized application.
  • Grinding wheels. Designed for grinding and polishing flat and curved surfaces, removing the paint layer, sharpening cutters, knives. Diamond segments. These are important elements of milling cutters and discs, fixed to the base in two ways – hot pressing, pressure and sintering. Floppy disks («turtles», «flexi»).

Such consumables have a thin diamond-containing layer secured with a polymer binder. They are effective for grinding and polishing surfaces of complex configuration, sharpening saws and drills. It is impractical to use them for processing large-sized products.
A diamond-coated abrasive tool can be designed for dry processing or a process using a coolant. Therefore, when choosing a suitable model of cutting equipment with a diamond-containing layer, it is necessary to determine the technological possibility of using a coolant.

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