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Hand tools: types and purpose in Harbor Freight Ad Oklahoma

Any equipment, construction facilities, household and industrial appliances break down sooner or later. To eliminate the malfunction, extend the service life, a hand tool is used. In particularly difficult cases, when a person’s physical strength is clearly insufficient or performing repair work is life–threatening – automatic.

Harbor Freight Ad Oklahoma
Harbor Freight Ad Oklahoma

Hand tools from Harbor Freight Ad Oklahoma: varieties

The entire existing tool is divided into 4 large classes:

  • household;
  • semi-professional;
  • universal;
  • professional.

According to the scope of application, it is divided into numerous groups, in which various types, far from being limited by enumerations, are:

  • measuring tools: tape measures, calipers, rulers;
  • clamping: vise, clamps, clamps, clamps;
  • automotive: pliers, screwdrivers, cap wrenches;
  • hinged — lip: pliers, pliers, scissors, pliers; locksmith: wrenches, hammers, sledgehammers; impact lever: chisel, hammer, pry bar;
  • carpentry: hammer, hacksaw, chisel, plane;
  • construction: painting, plastering, slotting;
  • electric: drills, punchers, grinders;
  • electrical: pliers, side cutters, screwdrivers, voltage indicators.

How to choose a high-quality hand tool in a set from Harbor Freight Ad Oklahoma

Kits from Harbor Freight Ad Oklahoma can be both universal and highly specialized, which are designed for:
motorist; locksmith; carpenter; electrician; painter-plasterer.

A typical universal set will be a wonderful gift for a man. However, it will not solve highly specialized tasks, it will lack one or another device.

A standard set of hand tools that can be bought in any non-core supermarket includes:
end cap heads; rattles; wrenches, hex and adjustable wrenches; screwdrivers: slotted, cross, percussion; hinge-lip tools: pliers, pliers, pliers, pliers; bits with holders for a screwdriver; cardans; collars; extension cords; adapters; hinges.
It is worth noting that complete safety for health and life can be achieved by using a serviceable hand tool. Therefore, it is always necessary to monitor its condition, operability, periodically lubricate and check for the absence of cracks and defects before starting work.
Absolutely necessary for any locksmith and motorist. In the set, depending on the type of nuts, there are:
horn-cap; split; double-sided horn ; ratchet; starter; shock; hinge; for round spline nuts; end; E-nuts; combined; adjustable.
For convenience, such a hand tool can be mechanized, used with additional devices (rattles, hinges) to facilitate the process of unscrewing – tightening nuts.
Impact-lever tools.
This type of device is widely used in construction and in the process of various installation works. Basically it is:
crowbars; carpentry hammers and locksmiths; sledgehammers; mallets; axes; cleavers; crowbars; nail cutters; chisels; punchers.
Their peculiarity is that they can easily destroy the surface, punch holes or cut parts into the desired fragments.
Plastering and painting tools.
It is indispensable for interior decoration, facade work. A modern painter-plasterer must necessarily have in his kit:
Brushes; Roller; Construction mixer; Rule; Ironer; Grater; Trowel; Spatula; Construction containers; Scrapers.
Carpentry and locksmith tools.
In sales often you can meet such a highly specialized and universal kits that include certain elements:
chisel; rubber mallet; wrenches; hammers; crowbars; tubular key; a hammer with a wooden handle; metal shears; pipe cutters; the cutter on wood, metal, foam; screwdriver; pliers; pliers; chisels; clamp; mitre box; Vice; axe handle made of wood or fiberglass; mills.
Hinge-lip tool.
It is indispensable for various electrical and plumbing work. Among all the variety that modern manufacturers offer, it is worth highlighting the main, most commonly used devices:
end pliers; long pliers; side cutters; pliers; diagonal pliers; press pliers; metal shears; insulation puller; revolver hole punch; pliers; pliers; crimping pliers, pipe pliers; locking ring puller; mini-pliers; crimper.
Clamping hand tool.

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