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Every professional craftsman does not do without the necessary tools from Harbor Freight Ad New Mexico. Such a professional as an electrician is no exception. Tool kits for an electrician are very necessary for any work related to electricity.

What kind of tools an electrician needs to work with, we will consider further.

Tool List from Harbor Freight Ad New Mexico

Harbor Freight Ad New Mexico
Harbor Freight Ad New Mexico
  • Drill;
  • Drills and nozzles;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Pliers;
  • Wire Cutters;
  • Nylon ties;
  • Caliper;
  • Indicator screwdrivers;
  • Wrenches;
  • Screwdriver Set;
  • A set of crowns;
  • Multimeters;
  • Rubber gloves.

And this is not the whole list of accessories used by electricians.

Dielectric gloves

When working with elements that are under electrical voltage, use rubber gloves for insulation.

Before you start using gloves, you need to make sure there are no flaws on them.

When purchasing gloves, you need to check them for quality and durability by filling them with air and clamping the hole intended for thrusting the hand. If the air goes out, then they need to be abandoned.


tightening and loosening of contact terminals;
tightening and unscrewing bolts and screws;
dismantling of out-of-order equipment, etc.

To work, it is better to purchase insulated screwdrivers with long working parts.


It is used for a variety of jobs. With such a tool, make holes in the shields and boxes of the branching wires.

Instead, you can use a battery-powered screwdriver. The best option would be to purchase it complete with the largest number of attachments, so the necessary accessories will be at hand at any time.

With this tool, the wires are snapped and the nuts are tightened/loosened. Pliers must have insulated handles.

In addition to pliers, round pliers may be required when working.

Side cutters

In order to smoothly and easily bite the wires, you need such a device as wire cutters.

Thanks to the special sharpening of the tool’s incisors, they bite the wire without flattening its edges.

Nylon clamps

Several wires are needed to connect into one bundle, ties of various lengths and widths are used. The required size of the clamp depends on the thickness of the harness.

With the help of such clamps, you can attach wires to anything.


To measure the diameter of the wiring core, use a caliper, in its absence, you can use a simple ruler.


  • knife;
  • pliers;
  • wire cutters, etc.

But to use such items you need to have experience.

Devices for connecting wires from Harbor Freight Ad New Mexico

Screw terminal blocks are the most common way to connect wires. Not so long ago there were sleeves, also used for the same purpose. The use of sleeves requires the presence of crimping pliers.

To ensure the protection of the ends of the wires, tinning is performed using solder. Soldering irons are used for this. They can be of different capacities.
Soldering Iron

Such a device is very necessary for working with electricity, however, it is difficult for them to process excessively thick wires.

For such purposes, a soldering bath is used, it is extremely rare to purchase it, since it belongs to the category of professional equipment.

Therefore, they are used only by large organizations and specialists with extensive experience. In the photo you can see what this tool looks like for an electrician.
Indicator screwdrivers

Such screwdrivers are used to determine the phase and check the availability of power supply. Any electrician, even a beginner, cannot do without this device.

Its work consists in the fact that when the phase is touched, the lamp in the indicator lights up, but when the zero wire is touched, it does not.

In order to find out the low voltage in the power grid, use this device.

It has two probes connected between each other by a wire, one of the probes is equipped with a warning light.


This measuring device is considered the most reliable for determining voltage.

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