Harbor Freight Ad Massachusetts

These 5 multitools from Harbor Freight Ad Massachusetts will replace 100+ common tools. The most multitasking and the most versatile. Every DIY-maker must have them. If you are just collecting your arsenal of power tools, first of all buy these five bad guys!

Harbor Freight Ad Massachusetts
Harbor Freight Ad Massachusetts


Let’s start with the most common and well-known tool that is in every home from Harbor Freight Ad Massachusetts. Not everyone knows that it is capable of not only drilling small holes and tightening bolts, screws and screws. A rotating motor and a quick-release chuck allow you to insert a variety of nozzles into the drill, which turn it into a multifunctional tool.
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What else can you do with a drill from Harbor Freight Ad Massachusetts?

Make perfectly round holes of large diameter. If there is no circular saw at hand, then you can make a high-quality hole with a diameter of more than 40 mm in wood or metal using a crown attachment. The nozzle is useful if you need to cut holes in cabinets and countertops, for door handles, faucets and drains in the sink, when laying pipes, organizing built-in lighting, etc.

  • Mix the solutions. A special nozzle turns the drill into a construction mixer. You can mix paint, bring cement, concrete, glue, gypsum and other liquid or viscous materials to a uniform consistency.
  • Sand smooth surfaces. Take the nozzle that allows you to use the discs for the ear, and sand any surfaces.
  • Sand curved surfaces. If you need to grind rounded sections, bends and arcs, use a grinding drum attachment or glue the skin to the drill chuck. In the same way, the inner surface of the drilled hole can be sanded.
  • Remove rust. With the help of a rigid brush attachment, you can easily clean rust from metal, as well as paint and dirt.
  • Blacken it. Take a nail, cut off the cap from it, insert it into the chuck and turn on the drill. Make a hole (core), and then start drilling.
  • Make a twisted wire. If you need a pigtail of wires, insert them into the cartridge, and from the other end into the vise. Turn on the drill – the wires will intertwine with each other.
  • Install the bolt in concrete. This is done with a shock drill.
  • Replacement of the manual rasp. With the rasp nozzle, you can quickly align and smooth the ends, edges and holes. You can work with wood, metal and plastic.


A multifunctional tool based on the principle of oscillation at an angle of 3 degrees. Also called Renovator, Universal Cutter, Oscillating Multitool. Very convenient, ideal for working in hard-to-reach places, allows you to work accurately. Works with materials such as wood, drywall, metal, plastic, cement, tiles, tiles, etc.

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