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A set of hand tools from Harbor Freight Ad Maine is a universal helper around the house for every man. This is a mandatory minimum of tools that will be useful in all spheres of life: at home, in the car, in the country. Using the interchangeability of tools, some men may not understand why to purchase a set if most of the items included in it are used only a few times.

Harbor Freight Ad Maine
Harbor Freight Ad Maine

But it is much more convenient to use tools for their intended purpose, and in order not to overpay for unnecessary items, it is important to choose the right set of hand tools.

Types of Hand Tool Kits in Harbor Freight Ad Maine

As a rule, tool kits are delivered in convenient plastic or metal suitcases. The number of tools included in the set ranges from 3-4 pieces to several dozen, which is why the package sizes start with compact pencil cases and end with racks with shelves. According to the configuration , it is customary to distinguish 3 types of a set of hand tools:

  • A universal set of hand tools. It includes tools for all occasions that will be useful in construction, repair and installation work, at home and in the country, as well as for car repairs.
  • A specialized set of hand tools. It includes narrowly focused tools for a specific type of work. There are car kits, a set of locksmith, carpenter, electrician.
  • A set of tools and consumables. Such a complete set includes 1-2 tools of the same orientation and additional accessories and nozzles. Refers to the professional level in which a person is engaged in one area of activity.

Complete set of hand tools from Harbor Freight Ad Maine

We will not consider a narrowly specialized tool in the article, we will deal with a universal hand tool that should be present in any set assembled by the manufacturer.

  • Choose a hammer made of solid materials with a wooden handle. For more versatility, choose a model with a claw hammer at the opposite end. It is convenient if there is also a mini hammer in the set for performing jewelry tasks in addition to the traditional hammer.
  • Screwdrivers. Screwdrivers should be presented in several types: cross and flat. Often kits are equipped with an additional indicator screwdriver, it is useful for detecting voltage in the network.
  • Pliers, pliers, pliers. A necessary tool for holding nails and bolts, biting off wires, helping to get stuck elements. There are copies on sale that combine pliers and wire cutters.

Hacksaw. A more powerful version of a hacksaw is a saw, but a saw will not work as part of a home kit. In the set, as a rule, there is a hacksaw for metal and a hacksaw for wood.
A wrench. Like screwdrivers, wrenches complete a set of tools in the amount of several pieces. They differ from each other in size. A ratchet wrench makes the kit more expensive, but it is also more convenient and efficient to work with it.
Measuring tape measure. In any kind of construction and repair work, a measuring tool will be required. Its role is played by roulette. The instruments differ among themselves in the material of manufacture, length and method of execution of the measuring part.

Criteria for selecting a set of hand tools from Harbor Freight Ad Maine

When buying a set of hand tools in Harbor Freight Ad Maine, I recommend paying attention to the following criteria:

  • Complete set of hand tools. Do not rush with the purchase, think about which tool you use all the time. You should not spend money on a set that includes all kinds of tools, half of which will not be used. Such a set will either be expensive or of poor quality.
  • The material of manufacture of the set. Tools made of strong alloys will last longer for the owner. Pay attention to the availability of warranty service from the manufacturer.

The purpose of the tools. If you choose a specialized set, it should include tools that meet the orientation of the set.
Ergonomics of the tool. Before buying, take the tool in your hand, feel the convenience of holding and using the tool.
Tool manufacturer. Choose well-established firms that value their client’s time and comfort.

Buying a universal set of hand tools is a great start for a beginner in construction and repair business. As you gain experience, specialized tools will be added to the starting set, making up a full-fledged collection of household men.

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