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In the process of construction and installation, repair and other works, various types of hand tools are used, a wide range of which is presented in Harbor Freight Ad Louisiana.

Depending on the features, complexity and scope of the tasks being solved, the tools can be household and professional. Each individual item has its own specific purpose and scope of application. Let’s consider the most popular varieties of hand tools that are widely used both at home and when solving professional tasks.
What is a hand tool: its classification and purpose.

Harbor Freight Ad Louisiana
Harbor Freight Ad Louisiana

A hand tool is a technical device that is designed for manual use and is not adapted for automatic operation. Considering such specifics, the devices have a small weight, a convenient design, an ergonomic handle.

There are separate types and models of devices in Harbor Freight Ad Louisiana designed for construction, repair, electrical installation, measuring work.

For example, products for locksmith work are grouped into four groups according to the purpose:

  • measuring devices;
  • products for marking;
  • a general purpose tool;
  • items for locksmith and assembly operations.

There is also a division of devices into the following types:

  • universal – designed to solve a wide range of tasks;
  • special – for performing individual procedures and manipulations.

Let’s consider the most popular types of tools that are widely used in various fields.
Wrenches and wrenches

For the repair of cars and other equipment, wrenches are used, which are represented by various types:

  • horn – have different sizes of the working part, allow you to perform work in hard-to-reach places;
  • folding – the working part repeats the shape of the part and covers it from all sides;
  • socket – used where it is impossible to work with other keys;
  • combined – combines the capabilities of a cape and a horn model.

Wrenches have a simple device, do not depend on power sources, minimize efforts when working with increased torque.

Measuring instruments and markers in Harbor Freight Ad Louisiana

In the industrial and machine-building sphere, it is impossible to do without measuring devices – special rulers, calipers, depth gauge, thread meter, goniometer and other means.

Harbor Freight Ad Louisiana are designed to apply inscriptions on various surfaces – paper, polymer, wood, glass. Permanent markers are universal and are used on almost any material.

A hammer is a tool that consists of a handle and a head that are firmly connected to each other.

Depending on the nature of the manipulations performed , the following varieties are distinguished:

  • locksmiths are a universal type that has a smooth striker and is designed for hammering nails, working with metal surfaces;
  • carpentry – have a bifurcated part, with which they extract hammered nails, are equipped with a wooden or steel handle;
  • for a bricklayer – with an elongated striker and a narrowed back part;
  • for plastering works – equipped with flat back covers, designed to remove old plaster coating;
  • for a roofer – similar to a hatchet, used for cutting metal and creating holes;
  • the sledgehammer is the most massive model with a large head and identical round or square shaped strikers, used when dismantling building structures.

Files and rasps

The file is used to remove a layer of material from a wooden, metal, plastic surface. It consists of a working element with notches and a handle.

A rasp is, in fact, a large file with large notches, with the help of which rough processing of the material is carried out.

The most used category of the tool. The models differ in the type of working part, its shape and diameter.

There are such varieties of screwdrivers:

  • flat;
  • cruciform;
  • specialized.

When choosing a tool, it is necessary to determine exactly the nature and feature of the work and acquire proven, high-quality models.

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