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A frame house is a simple technical structure that is easily erected independently. The construction of a frame house with their own hands can be done by anyone who has certain skills, a special set of tools and has the desire to build housing quickly, as well as at the lowest cost. Before starting construction, in order not to interrupt or delay the process every time, it is necessary to acquire all the required materials and tools from Harbor Freight Ad Kansas.

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The construction of frame houses is usually carried out using a conventional set of hand tools. This is where the simplicity and attractiveness of wooden frame technology lies. After all, the entire scope of work does not require expensive heavy equipment and rare tools. However, if you cut the boards manually, and hammer the nails with a hammer, then the construction can drag on for many months, or even years. An excellent solution would be to use a modern set of power tools, thanks to which the quality and speed of construction will increase significantly.

Hand tools for frame buildings from Harbor Freight Ad Kansas

The set of tools and devices from Harbor Freight Ad Kansas for frame construction is quite simple, modest and affordable, namely:

Marking and measuring devices: tape measure for installation work and measuring boards, corners for right angles, building rulers, crayons and pencils for marking serifs, marks on the skin and structure of the frame, cord marker and water levels;
Tools for the construction of the frame: hacksaws and saws for cutting boards, an axe for leveling and assembling the frame, hammers for hammering nails and a nail cutter for extracting them;
Tools for laying the foundation: bayonet shovels for preparing trenches, shovels for leveling the construction site and land works, buckets for transporting sand, earth, cement, water. Several wheelbarrows for transportation and a concrete mixer for mortar, pliers and wire cutters will also be useful;
Scaffolding, ladders, ladders. They will be useful of any size, both for indoor and outdoor work. You can put together a few wooden trestles yourself, but still you can’t do without a light stepladder;
Finishing tools: a large stationery knife for cutting film and drywall, a gun for mounting foam, a construction stapler for stitching vapor barrier and wind protection, screwdrivers, construction tape for processing joints and seams.

In addition to tools, workwear, shockproof boots, safety carabiners and ropes, construction gloves, glasses to protect the eyes, headphones from noise, etc. will also be very useful. Having such an “arsenal” and elementary construction knowledge, you can easily build a frame structure yourself.

a complete set of tools for the effective construction of a frame house
Power tools for frame construction

To speed up the time-consuming process, a huge range of electric “assistants” in construction is available today. For the rapid construction of frame structures, you will need the following electrical tools:

  • A puncher. It is useful for making holes for bolts and for working with the foundation;
  • Electric drill. It is necessary for drilling holes in the frame for threaded studs;
  • A screwdriver. It is needed for tightening screws when fixing OSB plates, lining and drywall;
  • Electric jigsaw. It will be useful for fitting and installing a roof truss system, as well as other fine works;
  • Disc electric saw. It is necessary for cutting boards when installing the frame;
  • Electric choppers. It is needed to correct the irregularities of the board, if such a need arises, as well as for joining the frame elements;
  • Grinder (grinder). It is needed when working with tiles, stone, rebar and concrete;
  • Pneumatic hammer with compressor. Since the entire frame is fixed with nails, the presence of such an expensive tool will help speed up and facilitate the installation process, the productivity of which is simply off the scale.

Using modern power tools for the construction of frame buildings, it is possible not only to reduce the duration of construction several times, but also to significantly improve the quality of the work performed and the final result.

Video with an overview of a set of tools for the construction of a frame house:

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