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To date, specialized departments in Harbor Freight Ad Hawaii have a huge selection of construction tools that greatly facilitate the workflow. Some models of devices have an improved design and additional options.

One of these is a construction plumb line with a cord. What is this tool intended for and how to use it correctly? The answer to this question is presented in our material.

Harbor Freight Ad Hawaii
Harbor Freight Ad Hawaii

Construction of a construction plumb line with a cord

A construction plumb line with a cord is a small metal weight on a long rope. Included with this device is an additional mount for tight fixation on a hard surface. This tool is designed to determine the vertical plane of walls and any buildings.

Thanks to this device, it is possible to make an even vertical or horizontal line in relation to the ceiling. It is often used at the initial stages of the construction of a residential building. It ensures smooth laying of the building material.

The product has a low cost, which makes it affordable for every consumer. You can make such a device yourself with the help of improvised materials.

Tools in Harbor Freight Ad Hawaii

The photo of the construction plumb line shows a modern model of the tool in Harbor Freight Ad Hawaii.
The principle of operation

  • head;
  • body;
  • long rope or thick thread;
  • the bar.

The principle of operation of such a device is quite simple. The metal weighting provides the necessary gravity. The weight and brand of the model are indicated on the surface of the case. During the working process, the rope is stretched under the action of a heavy base. Due to this, a vertical line is formed on the plane.

In order to achieve special accuracy in the process of determining the guides, it is recommended to round off the end of the iron part. To do this, use a file or sandpaper with high abrasiveness.

How to use the construction?

How to use a plumb line? With the help of this device, it is possible to identify all the errors on the surface of the walls and floor. To determine the vertical, it is recommended to fix it at the highest point of the structure.

Some models have a washer. Its diameter is equal to the size of a metal cylinder. The washer is applied to a vertical plane and held until the cylinder stops moving. At this point, errors and guides are noted.

In the process of plastering the walls, this tool is fixed in the ceiling area. It must be in an upright position during the workflow. Thanks to it, it is possible to adjust the thickness of the applied layer. It is removed after the complete drying of the construction composition.

It is used for the correct arrangement of kitchen furniture, built-in cabinets and when laying internal communications. What types of tools are presented in the hardware store?
Types of construction plumb lines

The following types of construction plumb lines are distinguished. They will stay with them:

Magnetic plumb line. It is a metal case with a long thread and a load at the end. At the end of the working process, its thread is independently wound onto a coil located inside the case. This ensures smooth winding of the material.

To determine the vertical and horizontal, the plumb line is fixed on the wall surface with the help of additional clamps. Magnetic parts ensure the correct position of the device.

Laser equipment. It bears some resemblance to a conventional laser pointer. The tool is equipped with a metal case at the end of which there is a laser pointer. This beam provides a range of operation of the device at 35 m. The cost of such equipment is quite high.

Electronic plumb line. This view is an application for smartphones or tablets. It is not considered a professional tool, but the accuracy of its measurements is no different from building fixtures.

Thanks to it, you can accurately determine the correct location of furniture attributes or the position of the walls of the living space.

How does this function work? After installing the application on the gadget, it is activated by clicking on the appropriate shortcut. After that, a green frame will appear on the screen, which adjusts to the actual size of the room. Next, the desired area and the correct position of the surrounding objects are determined.

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