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For construction, repair, finishing works, a high-quality construction tool is needed, you can find him in Harbor Freight Ad Connecticut. In a general sense, these are various kinds of devices designed to perform a particular task in construction.

Classification of tools in Harbor Freight Ad Connecticut. What is a mounting tool?

Construction tools in Harbor Freight Ad Connecticut are classified as follows:

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Harbor Freight Ad Connecticut

Hand tools

These are devices for general construction, finishing and other works that do not have a complex mechanism and engine.

These tools are divided into groups depending on the scope of application.

Carpenter ‘s

Carpentry tools are those construction tools necessary for working with wood. They are used both for the manufacture of wooden furniture, and for the construction of wood, the creation of products and parts from this material. This is a very wide range of various tools, including saws, chisels, planes, jigsaws and others.

For transporting something

Special devices are used for lifting and moving heavy loads – carts, buckets, wheelbarrows, jacks. All of them relate to construction tools.

Construction and installation

This is a tool designed for the manufacture and fastening of various parts, for working with different types of materials.

This subspecies of the instrument is divided into

Locksmith tools are hacksaws, saws, pliers, that is, everything that is used to affect a particular material;
Mounting tools are keys, hammers, sledgehammers, pliers, mounting pistols. They

additional tools (testers, non-stationary lamps).

For general construction, preparatory and earthworks

People have been using these tools since ancient times, as soon as they started farming. These are shovels, kicks, rakes, etc. Currently, hand tools for excavation and general construction work are rarely used, mainly in households. The so-called manual machines, i.e. mechanized tools, have come to replace the manual tool in this area. Their labor productivity is several times higher than the labor productivity when using manual devices.

For finishing works

Finishing works are most often associated with the use of various building mixes and solutions, therefore, when performing them, you can not do without a special tool. These are brushes, brushes, rollers, trowels, plumb lines.

For measurements

Since measuring work is an important part of any construction work, there are many man-made tools to simplify measurements. These are devices such as depth gauges, indicators, levels, levelers, noise meters and others.
Mechanized tool

In fact, it is a tool that is equipped with a motor and designed for the operator’s hand. The drive of manual machines can be pneumatic, hydraulic or powered by electricity.

These are electric saws, drilling and crushing tools, screwdrivers, mowers, drills, etc.

In more detail in this article we will analyze the question of an assembly tool what it is.

As we have already found out from the general classification, an assembly tool is a device for mounting something, connecting parts.

Mounting tool what is it?

Like any other construction tool, the mounting tool in Harbor Freight Ad Connecticut serves the following purposes:

Facilitate manual labor, make it more efficient;
Increase labor productivity, reduce time costs;
Ensures the safety of work.

In order for the tool to be really convenient, it must also have a small weight and dimensions so that it is not difficult for workers to move it.
Common tools that belong to the assembly:


This is a device for connecting parts by tightening bolts or nuts. Wrenches can be monolithic, composite, adjustable, special and with a specific profile.

Adjustable wrench

This is a tool for rotating nuts, most often with a movable sponge. The adjustable wrench can be pipe, French and adjustable.


This device is in the form of forceps with long handles. Pliers are carpentry, forging and electrical measuring.


This is a metal rod with a tip. At one of its ends, a handle is made of plastic, rubber or wood. But since the tip wears out significantly during operation, responsible manufacturers make the rod from special wear-resistant metal alloys. The screwdriver tip can be standard (spiked, cruciform or hexagonal) or special (three-bladed, asymmetrical, etc.)

In order to competently perform construction work, it is necessary not only to arm yourself with all the necessary tools, but also to make sure that they are of high quality. Buy the tool only from trusted manufacturers in specialized stores. This is an item of expenditure that should not be saved on in any case.

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