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For construction and repair, finishing and restoration work, tools, all kinds of devices are needed. There is their classification, description and purpose in Harbor Freight Ad California.

Hand tools in Harbor Freight Ad California

Hand tools in Harbor Freight Ad California they are necessary for general construction and finishing works. Such tools do not have an engine and a complex mechanism.

Depending on the scope of application, there is an internal division of them – they are:

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Harbor Freight Ad California
  • Carpentry — they are used for working with wood, making wooden furniture, building from wood, creating products and parts from this material. These are: jigsaws, saws, planes, chisels.
  • For transportation – they are used to lift and move heavy loads. These are: wheelbarrows, carts, jacks, buckets.
  • Construction and installation – they are needed for the manufacture and fastening of parts, work with all kinds of materials. They, in turn, are divided into locksmith tools (pliers, saws, hacksaws) and mounting tools (hammers, keys, sledgehammers, mounting pistols, pliers).
  • For general construction, preparatory and earthworks – these are the most ancient tools: rakes, picks, shovels. It is most often used in the household — manual labor is almost not practiced in production.
  • For finishing works – such a tool is needed for manipulations with building mortars and mixtures. These are: plumb lines, trowels, rollers, brushes, brushes.
  • To measure and simplify this process. These are: levels, sound meters, depth meters, levels, indicators.

Mechanized tool

This type of tools is equipped with motors and involves the work of an operator, has drives that can be:

  • manual;
  • mechanical;
  • electric.

These are: mowers, screwdrivers, electric saws, crushing and drilling tools, drills.

Mounting tool

It is needed in order to facilitate manual labor as much as possible, to make it more efficient. Its use increases labor productivity and makes time costs less. At the same time, the labor safety indicator increases significantly. Such tools should have a small weight and modest dimensions — so it will be easier for workers to move and manage them.

Among the most common mounting tools are wrenches. They are:

  • adjustable;
  • composite;
  • monolithic;
  • special;
  • with a special profile.

Adjustable wrenches, in turn, are adjustable, French and pipe.

Another common mounting tool is pliers, which are blacksmithing, carpentry and electrical measuring.

Screwdrivers are no less in demand — a metal rod with a tip at one end and a handle made of wood, plastic or rubber. The tip of the screwdriver can be: cruciform, spitz, hexagonal.

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