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When carrying out various installation, repair and construction works, it is impossible to do without various tools, as well as devices. In Harbor Freight Ad Alaska modern manufacturers offer various models of useful mechanisms that differ in their purpose, and, above all, in the scope of application.

Power tools – this is the thing that any builder, locksmith, but also just a repairman can not do without!

Classification by purpose

Purely conditionally, all the variety of power tools can be divided into 4 far from small groups according to the actions they perform-operations:

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Harbor Freight Ad Alaska
  • Drilling holes of various diameters, calibers, as well as electromechanical, threading of various types. For example, the most popular tools of this class are screwdrivers, drills, thread cutters, punchers.
  • Making out complex ends, edges. Perform milling, planing, sawing, grinding operations. Among this class, the most popular device is the grinder, which, as a universal tool, is used to perform various complex as well as simple operations.
  • Leveling, mashing, as well as grinding the surface. For example, various files, stroborez, grinding and polishing machines, planes belong to this large class.
  • Auxiliary, the main function of which is to supplement the missing functions of the main tool used. This category includes, for example, construction hair dryers, mixers, vacuum cleaners, soldering guns.

However, all existing power tools can be divided into professional and household. A separate group is a semi-professional tool that has fewer functions, is more compact, mobile than its full-fledged relative.
Classification by scope of application

This category includes 4 large classes of power tools:

  • Industrial (Industrial). It is used in conveyor production. The main requirement for it is the ability to work smoothly for at least 2 working shifts. Highly specialized, since it is limited to a maximum of 1-2 operations.
  • Heavily loaded (Heavy duty). The design features that distinguish this class of tools are as follows: high dust and moisture protection, increased strength, as well as impact resistance. They are highly specialized, highly professional, manufactured in small quantities, to order.
  • Professional (Professional). A number of advantages distinguish this class of equipment from all existing ones: high strength of working units, uninterrupted operation, unpretentiousness, ease of operation. It is also distinguished by a more extensive specialization, unification.
  • Household (Hobby). The main feature is low power, low efficiency, fast heating. It is used mainly for non-permanent, short-term, one-time, uncomplicated work. Sometimes such a tool is called “amateur”, since it is mainly designed for those who are limited in budget, not engaged in permanent repairs. When working, you need to take a break for 15 minutes every half hour, since the equipment is too hot. The maximum work per day is 4 hours. It is impossible to work smoothly, Otherwise it will burn!

Universal power tools in Harbor Freight Ad Alaska

This category in Harbor Freight Ad Alaska includes equipment that is capable of performing both single and complex operations (at least 2). It differs from other types of multifunctionality, wide scope of application.

Modern manufacturers offer the following power tools:

Milling machine;
Thermal gun (hair dryer);

It should be noted that modern manufacturers offer power tools designed for various segments of the population, as well as for specific production needs. You need to handle it carefully, do not violate the instructions. And then the equipment will last a long time, it will regularly perform the assigned repair and construction tasks.

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